Padi Prada


  1. ~Christine~Leng says

    Seeing all these long lost food made me crave for even more! 😛
    Can’t have anything like that at UK.. sobz…

  2. PureGlutton says

    derek: u didnt miss much here la…as reviewed, the good was nothing that fantastic! But can take u for the Fried Rice next time la, hehe!
    christine: thanks for visiting! Yeah, nothing beats M’sian food eh?

  3. Anonymous says

    Penangkia said try Padi Prada’s AUTHENTIC PENANG food like Gulai Tumis, the actual Jiu Hoo Char &sambal belacan ( for me I take the “pedas” sambal)What u taken is the veg for pie tee. Also on the list is Tau Yew Bak with eggs. For the rojak Rm10 is ok for Two pax whilst in Penang it cost Rm3.5 per pax… So Kl ok lah. For the dessert, we always get if FREE.. no pay lah sometimes lucky bubur cha-cha and their lovely Sago gula melaka pudding…. so check out AGAIN. its worth the visit

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