Office Party


  1. rainbow angeles says

    hello.. is it ok if you put up the caterer’s name & contact number? if not appropriate, then it’s ok. food looks good…

  2. claire says

    hey raynebow..advertise the caterer and then get some comm.. haha..u seem to be in charge of everthing.. multitasker u r.. must be good in yr job..

  3. PureGlutton says

    HKK: Have some virtual food lor, hehe!
    Rainbow angeles: I have updated the post with the caterer’s link. Refer to the bottom of the post please. Trust me, their food is good.
    Claire – i advertised oredi but dunno if they will give me any comm or not la, haha! I’m good in arranging for food *wink wink*
    Hey P.Pea, u must serve 19 years first lor…then I’m sure they’ll throw u a big makan, hehe! 🙂

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