KK Mayflower Seafood


  1. Audz says

    hi! i just moved to KK recently and i could be one of those that is causing the congestion at the roundabout.

    anyways have been a silent reader of your blog. i passed by this shop that day on Saturday night and it was packed! even outside it was full with tables.

  2. Sean says

    Imagine what Kota kemuning will be like in another three years!!!
    At first I read "peanut butter crabs" instead of "black pepper butter crabs"… And was thinking, how interesting!!! 😀

  3. thule a.k.a leo says

    blame on the influx of workforce to Klang Valley. Even the property prices in Kota Kemuning have skyrocketed!

    All the dishes are those that I love!!! But to truly enjoy these, it has to be in a group of at least 4-10 pax 🙂 the price for crabs is rather attractive

  4. babe_kl says

    I wonder if this has any links to one Mayflower place in Brickfields. I think Boo blogged about that place sometime back

  5. Chaokar says

    whoa, i always like good oat prawns and oat with squids sounds new to me. i can imagine the 'ngin ngan' texture of the crunchy bit and the chewy squids.


    p/s: my word verification is dammit

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