Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Moonies Galore!


  1. thule a.k.a leo says

    Aiyah! Forgot to give my home address to you 😛 this year I'd only tried Tong Kee's mooncake… roasted chicken with nuts! And also a piece of KL Hilton's mooncake which I was able to sneak into my mouth (belongs to my in-law)

  2. mage says

    Really makes me hungry! Those moonies are just too cute to eat. I would prefer the one with simple red bean paste flavor and the fish biscuits they're all cute and so much appetizing.

  3. gfad says

    Such pretty moonies! Your lucky friends and neighbours. 🙂 Yes, pls do get the moulds earlier next year! 😀 If you can't find, you could order from Singapore. I know a couple of people who sell them and can send them over to KL.

    I am so malas to make any more moonies. Have to make paste myself. 😛 I just habis making the mixed nuts filling, which is easy to find and do. How to make the chocolate filling ar?

  4. PureGlutton says

    Leo: Wow – roasted chicken with nuts in yr mooncake – that sounds interesting! I hope yr in-law didnt notice the missing mooncake 😛

  5. PureGlutton says

    gfad: Faster give me the contacts of the moulds supplier! Oh yeah, lots of nuts available there hoh, and very cheap too! I didn't make the choc filling – i got it from the shop, hehe! I made the skin chocolatey (added choc powder to the dough).

  6. choi yen says

    Happy Lantern Festival to you. I feel more healthy if I have all those cute moon cake coz all made from natural ingredients 😛

  7. Life for Beginners says

    So pretty the ping pei's! Oh gosh I missed so much when I was in Singapore!

    P.S. Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival to you and your readers! 🙂

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