Happy Mid Autumn Festival! Moonies Galore!


  1. Aiyah! Forgot to give my home address to you 😛 this year I'd only tried Tong Kee's mooncake… roasted chicken with nuts! And also a piece of KL Hilton's mooncake which I was able to sneak into my mouth (belongs to my in-law)

  2. Really makes me hungry! Those moonies are just too cute to eat. I would prefer the one with simple red bean paste flavor and the fish biscuits they're all cute and so much appetizing.

  3. Such pretty moonies! Your lucky friends and neighbours. 🙂 Yes, pls do get the moulds earlier next year! 😀 If you can't find, you could order from Singapore. I know a couple of people who sell them and can send them over to KL.

    I am so malas to make any more moonies. Have to make paste myself. 😛 I just habis making the mixed nuts filling, which is easy to find and do. How to make the chocolate filling ar?

  4. Leo: Wow – roasted chicken with nuts in yr mooncake – that sounds interesting! I hope yr in-law didnt notice the missing mooncake 😛

  5. gfad: Faster give me the contacts of the moulds supplier! Oh yeah, lots of nuts available there hoh, and very cheap too! I didn't make the choc filling – i got it from the shop, hehe! I made the skin chocolatey (added choc powder to the dough).

  6. Happy Lantern Festival to you. I feel more healthy if I have all those cute moon cake coz all made from natural ingredients 😛

  7. So pretty the ping pei's! Oh gosh I missed so much when I was in Singapore!

    P.S. Happy Belated Mid Autumn Festival to you and your readers! 🙂

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