Handmade Meesuah @ Beng Shen, Klang


  1. yup! exact place featured in Jason's show 🙂 I'll try to look for it next time I go to KLang.

  2. This is the first time I have ever heard of BKT with mee suah – the mee suah looks firm and strong ! Maybe only in Klang !

    Great find !

  3. Ooohh, this looks good! I can imagine this as more affordable version of somen. Cold mee suah, Japanese style! Must go find this place when I come back!

  4. oh wow, they look like they fry their meesuah just right.. no breakage and not too slimy.. must be delicious!

  5. Yeah I have set this in my phone back then, after watching Taste of Jason like babe_kl.

    BKT Mee suah does sound inviting, different from the usual rice and BKT fix.

  6. Babe_KL: Yes, you are right – this was featured in Jason's show. Yes, the mee suah's texture is more like pasta – with a good bite and not soft-mushy-messy like the regular mee suah.

  7. Badboy: Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Yep, the mee suah is indeed "firm" & "strong" – goes well with BKT too.

  8. HairyBerry: You have to buy their mee suah back & experiment at home then. Cold mee suah sounds good eh!

  9. Ciki: The mee suah's texture remained firm, cooked in whatever style. I prefer the soupy BKT and Chicken Wine though 😉

  10. J2Kfm: You are so familiar with Klang & its eateries already, so finding this place should not be a problem 🙂

  11. Oh yay! This was the place I saw on TV and forgot the name! 🙂 🙂

    Thanks…. 🙂

    (And also, thanks for the invite the other day – was very nice to meet you in person)

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