Fang Xiang Bah Ku Teh in Setia Alam


    • Pureglutton says

      Hehe, ya lor, me too! I thought it’s her family business, but no, she told me she single-handedly runs the place!

  1. Sean says

    ooo, hopefully she opens an outlet somewhere closer to KL someday! i’m betting we’d all fall in love with the dishes here 😀

    • Pureglutton says

      Hmmm… not sure if she’s gonna expand her biz to the city. If she does, you’ll be the first to know, I’m sure! 😉

  2. J2Kfm says

    Older BKT fans only like darker, thicker broth?!! Uh oh … guess I’m approaching that category fast enough.
    Personally, I hate watery, diluted version with a strong peppery taste like Teochew style

    • Pureglutton says

      Heh…ya I like the thick dark version too! Err…Syvonne said generally the younger ones prefer the watered-down version… only true-blue BKT connoiseurs appreciate the other version, methinks! 😛

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