Famous Pudu CCF in Damansara Utama


  1. though its the same, i still prefer the pudu branch… dirty more ambiance.. ! lol. the fried intestine is divine!

  2. oh now they’re branching?
    have YET to try the Pudu one, as somehow food in Pudu escaped me on every occasions. maybe i dunno where to look.

    the abundance of those dried shrimps is a clever garnishing.

  3. i’ve heard so much about this.
    the crispy really crispy ah? not like those half half crispy? (no teeth gotta ask mah)

  4. nomadgourmand: Erhmm… some of the floggers here have blogged about the Pudu main outlet 🙂
    Thanks, i will hv happy hols!

  5. same as cumi&ciki, i prefer the pudu branch too.. biase la, or maybe pudu's my first so, have better impression of it..:p

  6. Joe: That was because we were there just minutes after they opened, haha! A bit later on the crowds would be pouring in.

  7. sc: Pudu is a bit too far for me, altho i do enjoy their food. So this Damansara outlet suits me fine because it’s near to where i work 🙂

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