Eggs & Mint Leaves Soup


  1. minchow says

    Couldn't believe how easy it was when I got down to the method! I HAVE to try this! Ooh, great excuse to get a planter of mint leaves for my balcony too 🙂

  2. PureGlutton says

    Min: Yeah, it's really very easy, almost like cooking instant noodles! I just had a bowl of this today – so satisfying!

  3. babe_kl says

    Thank you for participating in this year's Merdeka Open House. I usually make this soup using the Thai basil leaves which is good as well. Will try using mint leaves next time.

  4. Life for Beginners says

    I love eggs and mint leaves soup – not done it in ages! I usually use the egg drop style though, not frying the eggs, and if I'm hardworking, ikan bilis for the stock!

    Now you're making me crave a bowl of this – maybe Merdeka Day will be a good opportunity to return to this old favourite! 😀

  5. boo_licious says

    Simple yet so satisfying! Thxs for the simple recipe and those cherished moments with yr mother making it. Happy Merdeka!

  6. jason says

    LOL, I think this is really an "Ipoh thing"!

    My mom used to cook this too, but instead of using plain water, she used the stock from boiling the anchovies and crack the egg into the soup after adding the mint leaves.

  7. Sean says

    looks gorgeous! i must admit, i've never been a fan of putting eggs into soup though, since i've always felt that makes the eggs soggy. but that's just me 😀

  8. UnkaLeong says

    My favourite egg soup involves equal parts water and equal parts Chinese Rice Wine. Hehehe, but then again…that's the alcoholic in me speaking out!

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