Chicken Rice @ Kong Sai Puchong


  1. reanact says

    wei..i didnt take dinner tonite.. tot the audi would come fetch me but i waited in vain..and now see the chicken and all, i m going to faint from hunger.. hey, what camera are u using..why so clear one…and so expensive…phew..

  2. PureGlutton says

    Hey claire – dont’t faint la *gives u foong yau*! Next time u come to KL, I make appointment with Audi, then we go sik foong la! I’m using the Olympus 840 – a simple point & shoot digital camera.
    Wei gooly – wait you come back, must surely go makan there!

  3. sue says

    The pork rib curry sauce looks soooo sinfully good. The picture with the rice soaked in the curry sauce just got me drooling la.. do they have another branch somewhere else? cause this name sounds sooo familiar.

  4. PureGlutton says

    Hi sue! Thanks for dropping by 🙂 Yes the curry pork ribs ARE truly mouth-watering – you must order that if you visit this place. I’m not sure if they have any other branch elsewhere!

  5. Pureglutton says

    Nomad: OMG, Yat Yeh Hing on Sat and Kong Sai on Sun?? You’re truly infected with the Chicken Rice bug lah, lol! I’m sure u will love both places!

  6. Anna says

    The only thing I don't like about the curry is that it is wrapped in plastic first before the foil. The toxic chemicals in plastic will leach into the food in high heat when cooking – not good for health. It's actually good enough with foil alone, without plastic, if they use good quality foil or double-layer the foil, if they are afraid of tearing/spilling…..

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