Chee Cheong Fun @ Yap Hup Kee, Pudu


    • Pureglutton says

      Yes…definitely increased! It’s now at RM2.50 per small plate! But then, everything has gone up in prices now and 5 years is a longgg time ago 😉

  1. Sharon says

    Hi Chris! A very belated Happy and Prosperous CNY to you. Now you mention it, yah, kinda hard to find good chee cheong fun. There is one at the SS2 market (at least I think it’s still there) but she charges a whopping RM4-5 if I can recall for it. Which I found really EXpensive.
    I’ll go try this place as soon as I muster the courage to locate this place in PUdu and overcome my inertia to get there, all the way from KK.

  2. J2Kfm says

    I share your sentiments until now. Hardly can find one good CCF without the need to add YTF and copious amount of gravy to cover for the lacklustre noodles themselves here in KL.

  3. jensen lau says

    There is a CCF stall in sri petaling, and is all homemade by them, the CCF is very smooth and like in Ipoh, u can try out the fried sengkuang as you can get it in Ipoh.
    Location near hotel sri petaling ( is in the market area opposite TM)

  4. Ken Leong says

    Hi Chris, I’m a CCF manufacturer in KL. I’ve to agree with you that YHK serves tasty CCF. One of their best dishes that they serve is ‘sui kow’ with generous portion of prawns in it. It’s a must to try and not forgeting the smooth springy chee cheong fun from us……hehehe! Sounds like I’m doing marketing here eh… If you want to know my top customers in Klang Valley do email me ya. Thanks for posting YHK on your blog. And do look out for our new logo and brand ‘WALIAN’.

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