Char-siew @ Famous Seremban Favourites


  1. hey.. since you are there, make sure you head to SFS Kopitiam (747) nearby to compare the char siew too ok??? I vouch for the quality of the char siew there!

  2. cocky? Bill;s the name.
    but he was rather accommodating the time we went for the droolsome char siew. and they were far, far from bland. maybe success bred arrogance?

  3. haha, try sitting there and chatting away during peak hours. the stare is killing, i tell ya…haha. despite everything, the char siew is good la, definitely. the hakka mee too! 🙂

  4. Oh no. Standard dropped? Begin mantra 'our tastebuds differ our tastebuds differ our tsatebuds differ ..'

    As for Bill, he is one non-smiley person.

  5. Leo: I heard have to wait a long time at that 747 Kopitiam wor! Not sure if I have the patience and my lunch is only 1 hour!

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