Cha Siew @ Spring Golden, Shah Alam


  1. reanaclaire says

    i shall pass over yr makan blog to my buddy in rawang..she is a food lover too.. how come u go everywhere to eat? each day different place>?

  2. Precious Pea says

    I tried their outlet in Glenmarie. I guess i must try this one to compare. Which part of Shah Alam are you living?

  3. PureGlutton says

    Claire – do let others know about my makan blog – good things are meant to be shared, haha! Ya, i like to try out different makan places, but not necessarily every day lah!
    P.Pea: I haven’t tried the Glenmarie outlet yet. I’m in Kemuning (that’s why got so many food reviews here on Kemuning makan places!)…the owner of this cha siew place is considering relocating to Kemuning later!

  4. boo_licious says

    Wow, am glad you love the char siu here and roast duck here. I really enjoy the char siu here, a bit far for me, but worth the long drive vs the glenmarie one which I find is mediocre.

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