Catching up in Vietnam Kitchen


    • Yeah, it kinda doesn’t project a very porky image, right?! Quite a few tempting porky items on the menu too!

  1. Haha … you’re hopeless. Now don’t you dare put MY photo in any of your post. I mean it. 🙂

    It’s been some time since I have been to Viet Kitchen. Probably last was when I have not even started blogging.

    And yeah …. beyond your usual lunch hour? Yeah right …. like as if you have a restricted one.

  2. Hey, I love Vietnam Kitchen too! Their 1U and Jaya33 outlets has been very constant with their food quality so far 😀

    LOL @ the Jik-kak!

  3. Substituting the usual rice paper with chu cheong fun sounds like an interesting twist. I’ve been complaining that One Utama lacks good food. Looks like I’ve not done exploring yet. Will give it a try when I’m there one day. No jik-kak for me ‘cos I’m about 400 km away…hehehe.

    • There are more outlets coming up soon once they are done with the refurbishment. Hehe, take your time, no need to jik-kak!

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