Braised Peanuts


  1. I’d figured out there was cinammon and ‘park-kok’ in there… but wow, orange peel? Who would have thought of that!

    Thanks for sharing the recipe… did you pick it up somewhere or was that your own ‘reverse-engineering’? 🙂

  2. Sounds simple. My pressure cooker is very BIG so hopefully my attempt turns out good enough to share with friends. Else, think can be chicken feed? Err do chicken even eat peanuts?

  3. Center parted: I kinda experimented with the flavours and found that the dried orange peel adds a delightful piquant tangy touch to the nuts!

  4. tummythoz: I’m sure your friends will love your efforts – this appetizer is good accompaniment while chit-chatting with friends!

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