BBQ & Satays – at home…


  1. i love a good old session of BBQ, but cant risk having sore throat and fever at this time!

    dun wanna be quarantined at the local facilities!

  2. P.Pea: When u go to Melbn, i'm sure u wil hv lots of BBQ there – it's a national pastime there, lol!

  3. LFB: Ya, tat's the one thing that deters BBQ here – you'll be soaking with sweat the whole time!

  4. Unka: Lok-lok is different ler – use boiling water! BBQ uses charcoal – but both also very sweat-inducing one! Will hv a good workout with these, man!

  5. 550ml: Yeah, it was pretty easy to prepare the marinade – just pound together a myriad of stuff, hehe!

  6. wow did you really made those Satays?
    They look as tasty like the one i bring on the street

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