Assam Laksa & Coconut Jelly in Penang


  1. Jason Wong says

    Next time, you may like to try the laksa in kulim. It is not bad either.

    I have not been to the Air Itam Laksa stall for ages. Don;t quite remember how it taste like already. One of the put off are the prices!

  2. Life for Beginners says

    The trick to a good assam laksa is the balance, no? 🙂

    And I had the good fortune to try the coconut jelly too, thanks to CK Lam and Lingzie when I went to Penang. It's really good! 😀

  3. reanaclaire says

    eh.. i havent tried that coconut thingy before.. each time i go pg..i forget to jot down references.. sigh.. this time when i go, i better otherwise i always seem to be eating the same old stuff…

  4. alisa says

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