How to apply for a US VISA? What happens at the INTERVIEW – 10 Things You Should Know!


  1. David says

    Your guide is accurate. Good job. Having being thru the process, I will have to say that your ds160 application contains critical info that they will use to conduct background checks. Interview is a formality to reconfirm it. So be truthful in your ds160.

  2. shah says

    hi, i would like to know if any experience for my case. i went for interview on 28th July but the interviewer asked few basic questions and ended up didn’t mention it approved it or not. just saying ” have a good day” and they keep it my passport without further asking supporting document. i was so worried to know whether my visa is approved or not. then i checked online, my application is still under “administrative processing”.

    how can we know whether our application of visa is denied?

    thank you

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Shah, your interview was only last Friday – I think you would be able to know the outcome latest by tomorrow. Easiest thing would have been to ask the officer, at the end of your interview, whether your application was approved – they would have told you on-the-spot. What was your option to have your passport returned? It would have to be either have the courier company deliver to you or you pick up from the courier office. Perhaps you can already check with the courier company tomorrow whether they have your passport?

      • shah says

        appreciated your prompt reply on this. i just checked this morning that my status have been changed to “ISSUED”.my collection option was pick up at courier office Aramex PJ.What is meant by “ISSUED”. Is my visa application approved? sorry for bothering you again.

        i will check with courier office whether they have my passport.

        • Pureglutton says

          Hi Shah
          I would view “Issued” optimistically and take it that your visa has been issued. I mean, if your application is not successful, it’s more likely that “declined” or “rejected” would be the status! Yes, do check with Aramex – they should have your passport latest by tomorrow as the US Embassy rarely takes longer than 3 days to process.

          • shah says

            i have found a full term for ‘ISSUED” same as you informed.
            “You visa was granted and is currently in the state of final processing. If you do not receive your visa within 10 working days please contact the consulate in charge to ask about your visa”

            Thank you so much for help. and have a good day 🙂

  3. Lim Chiu Yin says

    Hi Pureglutton, I heard somebody was mentioned US visa must apply before 3 months we visit to US.Is that true? I have to go for business trip end of September, if 3 months needed I may have chance to miss my schedule. How long needed for the whole process from attended the interview till you got the passport with VISA approved.

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Lim, from my experience it took less than a month to get the visa. I submitted my online application on 24 May, scheduled the interview and my visa was granted on 14 June. They are pretty efficient these days 🙂 unless you choose a particularly busy time to apply. Good luck in your application!

  4. Chai says

    Hello Pureglutton, I would like to ask u a matter pertaining to the US visa payment. Is it necessary for me to submit my DS-160 form first and only can make the payment online? For your information I have not submitted the form yet and plan to make the payment first, but I found no info through the dashboard ( I’ve created a profile) that allows me to make payment.

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Chai, if you have read my post thoroughly, you would know that you definitely MUST submit your DS-160 form before you can make payment. Please read Steps 1-5 in my post. If you have not submitted the DS-160, of course there won’t be any information on your profile for anything!

  5. Seema Dass says

    Dear, I m Anthony from Malaysia, would like to know how much money I suppose to have in oeder to pass my american visa. I failed in my first interview cause of insufficient amount. Pls email asap. Thank you

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Anthony

      I really can’t answer this question as I don’t know how much is sufficient for them and there are many other factors that add up for the success of getting the visa (besides the money). If the reason for the failure was due to insufficient funds, it’s best that you ask them directly how much would be sufficient, for your case.

  6. Susan Chan says

    Hi! Pureglutton, thank you for your US Visa information. You done a great Job for us. Well, what’s documents do they ask? bank account and assets? What else they ask?
    Hopefully i can get my us visa. I already brought my flight tiket without visa to hawaii as a promotion rate.

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Susan

      Actually, it’s advisable to get the US visa before buying the airticket. If you do not have regular income from employment or a business, I guess they would want to see some documentary proof that you can finance your trip.

  7. Yap says

    Hi. Would like to know whether DS-160 and the interview requires us to produce our bank statement? And also, would it be better if I could get a friend to write me an invitation letter?

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Yap

      I didn’t need to show any documents when I applied for the visa. It all depends on whether you are gainfully employed or have a sustainable business & income – the financing of the trip is important. So if you do have documents to prove this, it would be helpful to bring along. As for the invitation letter, I’m not so sure whether a private leisure visit needs that. I didn’t have one.

  8. Ku says

    at the end of DS 160 form. it says “YOU MUST BRING the confirmation page and the following document(s) with you at all steps during the application process: Passport; Recent Photograph; 50mm x 50mm (2 in. x 2 in.), full face against a white background”

    i have submitted the digital copy during DS-160, is it mean i need to print out the same photo in paper photo to bring to the interview?

  9. Tim says

    Hi there
    I noticed when filling in DS-160 there was no requirement for supporting documents eg. on trip itinerary, evidences of receipts, savings, etc.
    As I only work part time I’m concerned my payslips will not be impressive, even though I’m going on an all inclusive (air fares, accomaodation and food) pre paid tour package. Can I insist on showing them my return flight tickets, tour package and my bank account savings? Any suggestions?

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Tim
      I believe that once you have submitted an application, they will do all the necessary background checks, including your financial standings. Yes you can bring along any financial documentary proof you wish but I doubt if you can “insist” they see them if they don’t wish to! No harm in bringing along your tour confirmation documents to show them – it’s really their prerogative to view them or not as granting of visa depends on many factors. Good luck in your application!

  10. Fadzy says


    I am grant US Visa year 1995 and has visited US for business trip. 2013 Secondly apply US Visa is rejected and they issued Yellow paper under Section 214(b) is a provision of law found in the Immigration and Nationality Act and provides that a nonimmigrant visa applicant is presumed to be an immigrant until he establishes to the satisfaction of the consular officer.
    Do I have 3rd chance to get US visa?


    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Fadzy, I’m sorry, I really can’t comment on this. It’s really up to the Consular Officer (US Embassy).

  11. BEL says

    Hi , I wld like to ask… My parents plan to go US attend my sis convo. But, My parents can’t speak English at all … Wld it cause any problem during the interview and how to go abt it? Any translator there to help up? Thanks

  12. Ann Chuan says

    On the last page of the form “Sign and Submit”, after pressing the button sign, a message box appears with heading “Human Trafficking Prevention” and in it states that “Your application indicates that you are applying for an employment or education based visa…..” but then I am applying for a B1-B2 visitor visa with no intention of seeking employment or education. Is there any concerns?

    It also mentions the reading of the “William Wilberforce Trafficking Victims Protection Reauthorization Act of 2008 Pamphlet. Do I just tick the box?

    • Pureglutton says

      I’m sorry but I didn’t get that response so I can’t comment. Please check the procedures again – maybe at some point, you clicked on something different.

  13. Tonia says

    I need ur advice.

    My interview was last Tuesday and I was refused visa.

    My intended date of arrival is 10th April. The event I am going for is 14th & 15th April.

    Is it possible I get another appointment begore 10th April?

    What is the possible earliest date?

    Am really desperate.


    • Pureglutton says

      I’m sorry I can’t help you on this – I don’t work in the Embassy. Do you know why your application was rejected? If you are going to re-apply based on the same reasons/information, do you think the outcome will be any different?

  14. Catherine says

    Hi pureglutton, thank you for the guide. I intend to apply for the visa before purchasing the flight ticket. Will they need to know where I will be heading to, which hotel I will be staying etc? Do they need me to show the flight ticket? I won’t be able to plan all that until I get my Visa. So just need to know if they asked for the above details when you applied. Thanks pureglutton.

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Catherine
      From my personal experience, I was not asked which hotel I’d be staying nor to show any airticket. They didn’t even ask which cities I was heading but merely asked the purpose of the trip (which was “vacation” for me). That was my experience and I can’t vouch if this applies to everyone. If they grant you the visa, it really doesn’t matter which city you are going – you can go anywhere in the US! Just be truthful in your application – that’s the best advice I can offer. Good luck!

  15. Fara says

    I just got back from the embassy. My interview experience was also a super smooth sailing like yours. Thanks so much for your sharing!

  16. Ageelan says

    Hi pureglutton, thank you for the guide. I’m planning to get a US visa. i have a question. so, from the day you scheduled your appointment to the day of the appointment itself, how early could you get an appointment? was it within a couple of days or weeks?

    • Pureglutton says

      I can’t really answer that because the scheduling is done by the US Embassy. My personal experience was the first available appointment was about 10 days ahead.

  17. Rowena says

    Hello! I’ve lost my MRV receipt and was just wondering if it was a required document for the interview. Thanks!

  18. llj says

    Hi ! Can I know how long it take for them to return your passport with Visa ? Did you choose delivery option or pick up option ? Thanks !

  19. Low says

    Hi PureGlutton,

    Noted that you have been asked this question “Which countries have you travelled to recently? in the interview. Do you know why or reason for this question? Possible related to immunization required to enter US after visited some countries especially in Africa.

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Low
      I really do not know the reasons behind questions posed by the Embassy personnel during the interview! Maybe you’d like to ask them when you are there.

  20. Low Pooi Hoon says

    Hi PureGlutton,

    I wish to find out whether we can schedule the interview few months later after we obtained the visa online approval? Is there a tineline when we should schedule the interview?

    • Pureglutton says

      Hi Low, I didn’t know you can get “Visa Online Approval” without the interview? In my experience, visa approval is only given after the interview. If you meant visa online “application”, it makes better sense. I think you need to schedule the interview as soon as possible because people usually want to get their visas soonest!

  21. Bahar says

    Hi, your post is very helpful. I’m a foreigner and currently working in a University as Lecturer in Malaysia. Recently, I got a job offer from the USA. Can I apply for US VISA from here? If yes, then how will I pay fees for 4 visa applications (me and 3 dependents)? Thanks

  22. Noor Mastura Mohd Mujar says

    Hi, I have done my interview on 21st Sept. After 2 days, I was informed that my visa application need further verification. I check online and was stated as under administrative processing. Is anyone having similar case as mine? How long you need to wait after interview? Today is the 11th day post-interview and I need to fly on 11 Oct.

  23. Kathy Tan says

    I just went for Visa interview this morning. My appointment was 9am. I am staying at Kota Kemuning and I departed from my house at 7am. But I only able to reach there at 8.50am due to traffic congestion…I almost late. But thank God we still manage to make it. The interview process is quite simple and smooth.

  24. SC Chan says

    Hi pureglutton, I’ve scheduled my interview with my teenage daughter next week. I intend to bring along some supporting documents, will photocopy do? Any idea if I have to bring along original as well? Thank you, pureglutton.

  25. Ean says

    Hi PUREGLUTTON thanks a lot for the useful and accurate information into applying for US visa. I’ve a sister who lived there more than 10 years now and I plan to visit her there. Do u suggest me to tell the embassy people that I have a sis there coz some of my friends told me that if u have a relatives or friends there they might not grant u a visa coz they might think that u will overstay there.

    I have a stable income and salary with house and car as well. I am also worry that single lady is a bit difficult to get the US visa.

    Pls advice…Thanks

    • Pureglutton says

      I think it is best to answer honestly for any questions asked. Always tell the truth for questions asked. If they don’t ask, then you don’t have to volunteer the info. They would have done all the necessary background checks, never underestimate their intelligence sources.

  26. ShawnT says

    Hi, I will assist my mom to apply Visa Application. Do you know create Profile should be under my email/name or my mum? My mum do not speak english, can i go into Embassy with her?

    • Pureglutton says

      I think it’s best to create the profile using your mom’s information – after all, it is HER visa. Yes, you can accompany your mom to the Embassy as translator.

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