MASALA WHEELS in PJ: Banana Leaf Rice under the trees

We were introduced to Masala Wheels by a dear friend recently.  Located in a corner lot in a quiet spot of Petaling Jaya Old Town, Masala Wheels’ al fresco dining area under huge old trees right across the restaurant fills up pretty fast. Having arrived there before noon, it was easy for us to score […]

THE BUTCHER’S TABLE @ Pavilion Kuala Lumpur

If you remember Mr Ho’s Fine Foods back in the 1990’s which served some pretty amazing porky dishes, you’ll be happy to know that he and his family are back with their Butcher’s Table venture.  With several outlets in the Klang Valley since 2017, their latest outlet at Pavilion Kuala Lumpur surely rings a good […]

REN I TANG, Penang – Staycation in a Heritage Gem

Staying at Ren I Tang Heritage Inn brings back many childhood memories.  Not that I grew up in Penang but this old-world charming building reminds me so much of the old shops and places of my childhood. “Ren i Tang” is the phonetic presentation in Mandarin of South East Asia’s oldest Chinese Medical Hall Wholesaler, […]

AUNTIE SIM KITCHEN, Damansara Uptown

Eateries come and go and in the bustling thoroughfares of Damansara Uptown, restaurants jostle with each other competing to see who can attract the most number of double-parked cars at their premise-front: a sure sign of the restaurant’s popularity.  Along the road where Auntie Sim Kitchen is located, you will never find an available parking […]

Special Dining Event @ Oriental Group of Restaurants: From MACAU TO KL!

Every year, the Oriental Group of Restaurants holds an international guest chefs event as a collaboration of culinary expertise across borders.  By combining the skills and talents of these chefs, diners get to enjoy a wealth of refreshing flavours during the special dinners hosted in the Oriental restaurants. This year’s Grand Chefs event features award-winning […]

Kung Po Chicken with U.S. Chickpeas

Do you know that chickpeas, also known as garbanzo beans are full of healthy benefits?  This humble legume packs a whole bunch of amazing nutrients with immense dietary goodness. Chickpeas contain good levels of amino acids and minerals like calcium, iron, magnesium, potassium and selenium – all of which contribute to our wellbeing.  They help […]

Bring HOTEL MAYA’s Meals Home!

Having gone through months of movement control due to the pandemic, many of us are glad that in the past couple of months since the RCMO kicked in, dining out has been an available option. Hotels and restaurants are allowed to offer dine-in as long as they put in place all the necessary safety SOPs. […]

XIN CUISINE’s RM15 Value Meals: Takeaway/Home Delivery

Many of us are now doing a lot of things in a new norm, thanks to the pandemic.  One of these is having takeaway food or have food delivered to us.  On days when I don’t feel like cooking at home, I would prefer to order takeaway meals, rather than dining out.  Sometimes I find […]

JACK ’n Jill CALBEE – Elevate your Snacking Experience NOW!

By now, many of us have gotten used to the “Stay At Home” experience as a result of the Covid-19 pandemic.  Although we are now in the RCMO phase, many still work from home conforming to the new norm. Take a break now and then, even when you are working.  Regardless of where you are […]

Weekend Dim Sum Brunch at RED, Pullman KLCC

How do you feel now about dining out?  Are you comfortable to go out and have a meal in a restaurant even though we are now in the Recovery MCO period?  For many, there are still deep concerns over the Covid-19 pandemic and prefer to keep away from public places, including restaurants.  If you ask […]

FARQUHAR’S BAR & JAVA TREE @ The E&O Hotel, Penang

FARQUHAR’S BAR We love the remodelled Farquhar’s Bar in the E&O Hotel Penang.  There’s such a sense of old-world charm and luxury here.  Plush leather sofas, panelled walls, chandeliers and gilded framed pictures on the walls and a fully-stocked bar in the centre… everything oozes understated classiness. We settled ourselves comfortably at a table facing […]

English Afternoon Tea & Dining at PALM COURT, E&O Hotel Penang

With the reopening of the E&O Hotel’s refreshed Heritage Wing late last year, 3 new dining outlets, namely Java Tree, Palm Court and Farquhar’s Bar were introduced.  Replacing the previous Sarkies and 1885 are Java Tree and Palm Court, while a remodelled Farquhar’s Bar has been unveiled in a new location at the Heritage Wing. […]