TOKUSHIMA WAGYU Promotion @ IKETERU, Hilton Kuala Lumpur

For the very first time, Hilton Kuala Lumpur is bringing in the famous Tokushima wagyu beef from Shikoku whereby diners will get to savour this premium beef at Iketeru for the entire month of August 2018. Sourced from Nishiawa Beef from Tokushima Prefecture, the beef is certified halal to be sold in Malaysia, explained Japanese [...]


I think it’s pretty apt for the good folks at Zuan Yuan to select Double Boiled Soups as the highlight of their “Taste of Freedom” promotion in August. August is our month of independence as Merdeka Day is celebrated on the 31st, hence, “freedom” comes into the picture. Now I also think there’s no better [...]

ENAK KL @ Feast Village – Modern Malay Cuisine

Enak KL is now back in town, after a short break some months back. Still in Feast Village, Starhill Gallery, Enak KL now occupies the lot where Tarbush used to be. Enak’s kitchen is still helmed by Chef Rani Ghazali who has been with the restaurant from the very beginning. Translated to mean “delicious”, “Enak” [...]

“CHINA & NANYANG” FEAST at ORIENTAL Group of Restaurants

When two talented, experienced chefs join forces, pitting each other’s strengths and culinary skills together, you can be sure of a meal that will blow your stomach away. The Oriental Group of Restaurants’ annual gastronomic affair serves the platform for this show-stopping feast to introduce different dimensions of classic Chinese cuisine to diners. Available from [...]

PAK TAI – Southern Thai Restaurant @ Feast Village, Starhill Gallery

Southern Thailand cuisine is known to be spicy and fiery, with flavours more intense than other parts of the country. Fans of such cuisine will be happy to know that there’s now a brand new restaurant in town specialising in Southern Thailand fares. Pak Tai was recently unveiled in Feast Village, Starhill Gallery and helming [...]

MALAYSIA BOLEH! @ Four Seasons Place, Kuala Lumpur

Malaysia Boleh! This slogan, translated directly as “Malaysia Can!” generally refers to the possible things that Malaysia or Malaysians can do. It’s like a rallying catchphrase to drive success and be a benchmark for excellence. Taking this catchphrase to expound the delicious-ness of Malaysian street food, the Fei Siong Group from Singapore recently opened the [...]

KIMI-YA: Modern Japanese dining in Old Klang Road, Kuala Lumpur

There are many dining options in Old Klang Road – predominantly from Chinese tai-chow places to steamboat restaurants and a scattering of Japanese food outlets. One particular Japanese restaurant which stands out is Kimi-Ya which has been making quite a name for itself. Translated as “Your Home”, Kimi-Ya is located on the ground floor of [...]

KENNY’S FOOD CART: Affordable Comfort Food in Aman Suria

If you have lived in Petaling Jaya long enough, you’d probably know where Alisan Street is, where Kenny Lock’s father used to run a stall selling his popular “Teng Chai Chuk”, way back since 1993. “Teng Chai Chuk” directly translates to “Boat Porridge” is a comforting bowl of piping hot rice congee filled with anchovies, [...]


Rising high against the skyline, the New World Petaling Jaya Hotel is one of the tallest hotels in this part of town. Located adjacent to Paradigm Mall, this deluxe hotel exudes simple elegance and class right from the moment you step inside. Designed along contemporary classical lines with subdued greys and earth colours throughout its [...]

KOUZU @ Bangsar

With Kouzu recently opened in Bangsar, the stretch along Jalan Telawi seems to have perked up considerably. This is actually the 2nd outlet, the first one being in Taman Tun Dr Ismail. As you step into this hip-looking Japanese fusion restaurant and bar, you’ll be greeted with a piece of vibrant painted pop-art on one [...]

MO-MO-PARADISE at J’s Gate Dining, Lot 10 Kuala Lumpur

If you are a fan of Shabu-Shabu and Sukiyaki, then you’d be very happy to know that Mo-Mo-Paradise is now open in Kuala Lumpur. I am a definite fan of both and I can’t be more ecstatic now that I can have the best of both, in Mo-Mo-Paradise located in J’s Gate Dining at Lot [...]

GOA by Hubba, Jalan Pinang, Kuala Lumpur

Goa by Hubba has just recently relocated to its present location at Tujo after being in Lorong Ceylon for a short while. Now Goa by Hubba is snugly tucked on the Mezzanine Floor of the elegant gastrobar Tujo, right on the bustling Jalan Pinang. Goa by Hubba’s menu is crafted by none other than celebrity [...]