On days like this when my muscles ache and stretched to the limit and every bone seems stiff as pole, my thoughts automatically go back the Heavenly Spa at The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa with great longing.  It is the only Heavenly Spa in Malaysia by Westin.

The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa has won many many awards and accolades for various service categories – the last I counted, there were almost 30 (maybe more by now!).  Out of these, the Heavenly Spa by Westin alone has won several awards:

2007: Best New Resort Spa for Heavenly Spa by Westin – Malaysia Spa & Wellness Awards

2008: Best Resort Spa for Heavenly Spa by Westin – Malaysia Spa & Wellness Awards

2011: World Luxury Spa Awards – Best Resort Spa (Malaysia) for Heavenly Spa by Westin

2011: World Travel Awards – Winner of Malaysia’s Leading Spa Resort Category

2011: Hospitality Asia Platinum Awards (HAPA) 2011-2013 Regional Series:

Best 10 in Asia – Platinum Winner for HAPA Spa of the Year and HAPA Signature Spa Experience

The Heavenly Spa is located at the far end of the beach away from the main resort building with a stunning private beachfront.  When you walk through its entrance into the wide verandahs flanked by tranquil water pools, you immediately feel a sense of peace and relaxation enveloping your soul.  There’s also a private swimming pool here for all spa guests and the good thing is: no children are allowed here!  So, guests can swim and soak up the sun in peace … yay!

From the spa menu, you can choose from a host of massages, ranging from the Heavenly Massage, Rollerssage, Royal Thai Massage, Malay Traditional Massage to Pre-natal Massage.  There are also Ayurveda treatments available including a Ayurveda Calming Detox Program.  Facials (for women and men), body wraps, hair spa, manicures and pedicures are also on the list.

We were told to sit down and relax… the first steps to restoring the body and expanding the mind.  Cups of warm herbal tea helped in that direction.  We had the Heavenly Massage.  Prior to the massage, a warm herbal pouch was rubbed gently over the back to release tensions. Aromatherapy oil was then applied and I lost myself in the soothing firm strokes of my masseuse.  The 80 minutes seemed to fly past in a blink!

By the time our massages ended, the sun was setting in the horizon and the whole Heavenly Spa took on a very different mood.  Warm lights in the spa building spilled out onto the wooden verandahs and on the beach, candle lights in metal holders cast their romantic shadows across tree trunks and foliages.  When we emerged from the spa room and headed towards the beach, lo and behold, a dinner table has been set up right at the beach under a canopy of four trees.

Yes, we are going to have our Spa by Night dinner!

You see, The Westin Langkawi Resort & Spa prides itself in creating lasting memories for its guests by offering them 3 exclusive dining venues on the property.  There’s Float – a private jetty stretching far out into the sea; there’s Anjung Damai – an intimate spot with the sea as your backdrop and then there’s the Heavenly Spa with its romantic tranquil setting.  During our visit, Float was closed for renovation but we got to try 2 of the Float menus at the Heavenly Spa!

All menus at the exclusive dining venues are inclusive of amuse bouche, sorbet and coffee & tea with pralines.

As we were sharing the food from 2 different menus, it really seemed like we ate endless amounts. We chose Menu B which has some Asian influences and Menu C which is more Western/Italian orientated.  From the descriptions, I’m sure you can gather which item came from which menu!  Our starters were Angel Hair Pasta with Prawns Lemongrass Skewer and Pegaga Pesto and Seared Canadian Scallops with Open Pineapple Ravioli & Tropical Salsa.  The pasta was really fragrant from the pegaga (pennywort) used and whiffs of lemongrass could be detected fromthe plump grilled prawns.  The seared scallops were equally good, enhanced by the slices of tangy pineapples.

I liked my cold refreshing Gazpacho although it was served a bit sloppily but then our personal butler had to bring the food over from quite a distance so that’s forgiveable.  I broke half a bun – they were so irresistible… and dipped it into the cold tangy tomato-based soup which had been flavoured with some basil and sweetened with crabmeat.  DL’s Leek & Potato Broth with Seafood Dumpling was like the Chinese “sui kow” in soup… simple, rustic and comforting.

After the sorbet palate cleanser, our mains were served.  Mine was the Seared Wagyu Steak with Half Lobster, Tomato Mozzarella Tower with Mushroom Risotto & Saffron Cream Sauce while DL had the Lobster, King Prawns & Seabass with Asian Greens, Thai Curry Sauce & Couscous Pilaf.  I’ll let the photos speak…

All I can say is we were entirely stuffed after the mains and could hardly make room for desserts!

DL’s dessert was the Classic Tiramisu with Strawberry Crème Brulee while mine was a Mini Trio of Tropical Mango Mousse with Mont Blanc, Pistachio Financier and Chocolate Almond Tart.

The rhythmic waves in front of us, and the warm sea breeze almost lulled us to sleep while we were having our desserts, such was the soothing magic of Mother Nature’s caresses as we sat under the trees and stars.  Looking back at the spa building, it has transformed into a warm inviting sanctuary, waiting to snare some weary bones and muscles into its embrace.

To be honest, we were really so stuffed that we had to decline the coffee and pralines offered by our smiling friendly butler.  We decided to take a stroll back (no buggy please!) to the resort building which was such a pleasure, really, as the pathway was lit with strategically-placed lights all the way back.

It was truly a wonderful and memorable dinner.