We shall always remember the Breeze Lounge for 2 things: the stunning view from its al fresco terrace and the awesome steaks!

Aptly named… indeed you will feel the gentle sea breeze caressing your skin when you seat yourself in the bright airy lounge and dining area beyond. It spots a modern contemporary casual atmosphere with plush comfy fabric couches where you can just sink in and chill-out with a glass of their signature martinis or just that wonderfully refreshing Apple Cinnamon White Tea. When night falls, just soak up the sultry atmosphere with their wide range of cocktails or their Wines of the World from their wine rack.

We had a late lunch in Breeze after returning from some shopping at Kuah town. Scanning through their menu and being mindful of Kiran’s recommendations, we settled down to munch on their ridiculously addictive freshly-baked buns while waiting for our starters and mains.

We absolutely adore the Mizuna & Pear Salad. A plate of crisp Mizuna lettuce and shaved pear topped with slices of gorgeous gorgonzola, caramelized walnuts and drizzled with a herb vinaigrette – we practically fought over who got to stuff the last piece of gorgonzola! It’s simple and wholesome: vegetables, fruit, nuts and cheese all come together in a bountiful burst of flavours in the mouth!

Next, we had the Seafood Chowder. It’s one of the best I’ve ever had. Thick smooth creamy chowder crammed full with generous chunks of mussels, prawns, fish and squids… I wished the bowl had been bigger! I could easily slurp another bowl and be happy for the rest of the day!

For our mains, we decided to satiate our bovine cravings by having different cuts of wagyu. DL had the Sirloin while I chose the Ribeye, both done “medium”. What can I say? The nicely marbled cuts were grilled to our request, tender and succulent, flavoured with just a sprinkling of salt and herbs. I had truffle mash and greens by the side while DL chose to have some thickly cut fried crispy onion rings and saute’ed mushrooms.

What a glorious lunch. A stunning splendid view. 2 slabs of decadent wagyu. What more could we ask?

We were both totally satiated.

Do note that their steak menu is available from 11.00am till midnight! A live band performs there from 8.30pm till 12.00am on Tuesdays till Sundays.
For reservations and enquiries, please call 604-960-8888 or email [email protected]