With 7 outlets in Malaysia and many more in the region, Sushi Tei, a Singapore-based sushi restaurant is poised to delight more of their fans.  Their latest outlet in SetiaWalk Puchong reflects the same open-kitchen concept, conveyor belt offerings and spacious dining area.

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The extensive menu can be quite mind-boggling… you just have to zoom in on your favourites.  With Chinese New Year round the corner, Sushi Tei, like many other restaurants, also offers Yee Sang in their outlets.  Of course the obvious choice would be to pair the yee sang with their sashimi – a selection of salmon, yellowtail and ebi, as offered in their Premium Yee Sang at RM68.80.  Crunchy fruits and vegetables tossed with slices of the freshest raw seafood… a deluxe take on the yee sang indeed!

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Yee Sang galore!

We didn’t have enough of yee sang so we tried out more of their salads.  Their Sashimi Salad (RM16.80), Seafood Salad (RM16.80) and Kaisen Ramen Salad (RM28.80) are all worth trying.  The last salad comes with some cold ramen accompanied by a delicious dressing.  We couldn’t resist trying the intriguing Ika Okura (RM5.40), a plate of sliced lady’s finger and squids – go for this only if you like squishy slimy textures.  With the current concern about consumption of sharksfins, the golden strands of faux fins – Chuka Fukahire (RM6.80) would probably satisfy any such cravings.

sashimi salad

 Sashimi Salad

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Clockwise from top left: Chuka Fukahire, Kaisen Ramen Salad, Ika Okura & Seafood Salad

In Sushi Tei, the Salmon Skin (RM6.80) seems to be a popular item and we can understand why.  The crunchy fishy snack is so addictive that the pieces disappeared in record time!

salmon skin-1

Fried Salmon Skin

I love my grilled seafood anytime and these are always must-have’s for me in any Japanese restaurant.  Sanma Kabayaki (RM14.80), Shishamo, Ika Geso Tataki (grilled squids) (RM11.80) and Ika Sugata Shio (grilled squid tentacles) (RM15.80) and Amaebi Karaage (RM12.80) did a good job in satisfying my seafood cravings.

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 Sanma Kabayaki (left) and Grilled Shishamo (right)


 Ika Geso Tataki (grilled squids)

ika geso tataki

  Ika Sugata Shio (grilled squid tentacles)

amaebi karaage

Amaebi Karaage

Apart from the grilled seafood, we had the Agedashi Tofu, Gyozas, Dynamic Roll (mini California rolls with spicy seafood salad and loads of ebikko!) and Golden Soft Shell Crabs… golden thanks to the layer of salted eggyolk sauce smothering the crustacean!  Salmon and mushrooms make a good combo, as evidenced in their glistening Salmon Enoki Roll (RM12.80), brushed with a layer of teriyaki sauce.

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salmon enoki roll

Salmon Enoki Roll

Of course no meal is complete in Sushi Tei without having our fill of sashimi.  We placed our orders and watched the chefs in the open kitchen at work, slicing deftly into the slabs of raw fish.  Their Asama platter (RM35.80) serves 5 pieces each of salmon, tuna and yellowtail.  Smooth silky textures, every bite yielding that unmistakable sweet marine freshness… those slices of raw delights were polished off quickly.


 Gorgeous Asama Platter

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Unsatiated, we had another platter – Biei (RM59.80) of otoro, scallops, salmon and butterfish … a treat of exquisite premium sashimi slices.  For such quality, we’d say the price is really decent.


 Premium Sashimi – Biei Platter


Just look at those luscious Otoro!

The Maguro Lover (RM11.80) … sushi rolls of tuna, avocado and crabsticks is both pleasing to the eye as well as to the palate.  Smooth silky tuna, together with the creamy buttery texture of avocado slices glide very pleasantly down the throat, I assure you.

maguro lover

  Maguro Lover


Gyo Misoyaki (RM15.80) may be a bit messy to handle… thin slices of tender beef drizzled with some miso sauce and then grilled but they taste divine.

g misoyaki

Gyo Misoyaki


Unagi Handroll

Other must-try items are their Unagi Handrolls, Beef Teppanyaki, Hotate Wasabi Mayo and if you have cravings for carbs, check out their Tan Tan Don (RM11.80) and Choi Kara Fried Rice (RM18.80).  If you are a chawanmushi lover like me, go for their Ikura Chawanmushi (RM12.80) and I promise you, any other regular chawanmushi will pale in comparison!

gyu misoyaki

Beef Teppanyaki

hotate wasabi mayo

  Hotate Wasabi Mayo

tan tan don

Tan Tan Don

choi kara fried rice

Choi Kara Fried Rice

ikura chawanmushi

Ikura Chawanmushi

We only had space for one dessert and of course, Matcha and Goma Icecream (RM7 each) were the obvious choices.


*All photos taken by my able assistant, L. Liang


Sushi Tei
Lot I-03-G Block, SetiaWalk
Persiaran Wawasan
Pusat Bandar Puchong

Open: Mondays-Sundays 10.00am to 10.00pm

Facebook Page here

Sushi Tei