Today is the 4th day of fasting for Muslims during the holy month of Ramadhan. It is very common for restaurants and hotels to prepare lavish spreads for the breaking of fast at sundown, known as “Berbuka Puasa”.

If such buffet meals are not for you, then perhaps you would like to try the Tiffin Sets that the Executive Chefs of the Delicious Group have prepared. There are 2 special menus that sample Malay traditional flavours and these are available in all Delicious cafes across Malaysia during the Ramadhan month.

set collage

The menus comprise of 2 different sets:-


* Ayam Masak Merah (Braised Chicken & Peas in a Coconut & Chilli Sauce garnished with tomato wedges & onion rings)
* Dalcha Kambing (Slow Cooked Lamb & Vegetables In a lentil curry)
* Daging Deng Deng (Stir braised beef with chilli and sweet soy sauce to a dry consistency)
* Acar Jelatah (a tangy, pickle-like salad of cool cucumber and pineapple)
* Acar Ikan Kurau
* Nasi Pilaf & Popadom
* Kurma (imported sweet dates) and Nyonya Kuih
* Rose Syrup


* Gulai Daging Kawah (Slow Cooked Beef Curry)
* Ayam Kampung Panggang (Grilled Balinese Chicken)
* Rendang Tok (Slow cooked Dry Beef Rendang)
* Kerabu Mangga
* Nasi Putih, Keropok Belinjao, Telur Masin
* Kurma & Nyonya Kuih
* Rose Syrup


I particularly liked the Rendang Tok (a Perak speciality) – the beef was very tender, having been cooked over a long arduous process whereby all the spices and coconut milk had been slowly simmered till almost dry. Traditionally this would go superbly with lemang but it’s just as good with plain white rice. Beware of both the Dalcha Kambing and Gulai Daging Kawah … they are so good that you will pile on the rice just to mop up the thick delicious curry. All the dishes have this “home-cooked” feel to them… a typical example is the Ayam Masak Merah, which is such a popular Malay dish that is eaten in almost every Malay home (and some non-Malay homes too, I reckon!)

Both sets are priced at RM49.90++ for 2 persons and you can order these at any time as they are available for All-Day dining in all Delicious outlets.

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