These days, regardless of race and religious inclinations, the year end festivities is celebrated by almost everyone here in Malaysia.  We are a nation of food lovers, that’s without a doubt and we take every festive occasion in our strides, munching and chomping our way through every festival, public holiday or just about any occasion.

So, we are now in the midst of Christmas preparations but what’s there to stop us from eating, not roast turkey, mince pies, puddings and such… but Poon Choy and even Yee Sang, for that matter?  Yes, we Malaysians enjoy our food, anytime, anywhere.


Poon Choy – that potful of goodies where every layer gives you more sumptuous satisfaction as you dig deeper into the pot.  There are the braised meats (which have been braised separately for 5-6 hours), beancurd puffs, dried oysters, sea cucumbers, prawns, roast duck, poached chicken, mushrooms, dried scallops … all these are then arranged meticulously in layers and then steamed together for an hour.  This was elaborated by Group Executive Chef LeeWee Hong as we dined on a delicious lunch of Poon Choy, Yee Sang, Lap Mei Fan, Crabmeat Noodles and rounded off the meal with Tong Yuen and Ma Lai Koh.


The secret to eating Poon Choy is that you must, you absolutely must stir up all the ingredients in the pot, give them a good toss-around from top to bottom & vice-versa.  Yes, this is how it should be done – go against the norm of good table manners and just dig-mix-dig-mix everything!  That’s the advice given by Tai Thong’s Group Executive Chef Lee Wee Hong.

my portion

Tai Thong is offering its Fortune and Pork-free Auspicious Poon Choy Pots at special prices of RM238++ for 5 diners and RM468++ for 10 diners.  However, if you decide now to have this, go for their Early Bird Poon Choy Vouchers which are priced at RM198 and RM388 for 5 and 10 persons respectively.

yee sang

salmon yeesang

chef n yeesang

 Group Executive Chef Lee Wee Hong’s invitation:  “Let’s eat Yee Sang!”

It’s never too early to eat Yee Sang or BBQ Meats.  Their Prosperity Yee Sang are priced at RM62.80 and RM82.80 for half and full portions respectively while the BBQ Meat retails at RM46.80 per box of 500g.

lap mei fan


Lap Mei Fan (Waxed Meats Rice)

crabmeat ndls

Crabmeat Noodles

Tai Thong’s offerings on Poon Choy, Prosperity Yee Sang and BBQ Meat will be available from 15 December 2012 till 28 February 2013.

lee wee hong


Group Executive Chef Lee Wee Hong with his creations



Desserts: Tong Yuen & Ma Lai Koh

Check out their Chinese New Year Set Menus in their website, Facebook Page or just call their Customer Care Line at 1800-88-2338.

imperial gdn


Imperial Garden Restaurant – care to hold a wedding banquet here?