Roti Canai.

This famous popular Malaysian Indian pancake that’s synonymous with Life here. I can’t imagine life without roti canais, can you? I mean, it’s such a Malaysian way of life – it’s not even food, it’s just a way of life! We eat it anytime of the day and it’s readily available everywhere! So, because it is sooo everywhere and everyone has their favourite shop/stall for this, it doesn’t get blogged about much. Well, at least I haven’t.

Not until I’ve heard so much about this one particular joint in Pandamaran, Klang. Yes, my family members have been singing unending praises about this place… about how popular it is… how you have to wait & wait for tables there… that the place is always full, even at 7am! So I actually went there once, sometime during the Chinese New Year break this year, at night, hoping to see what the fuss was all about.

Big mistake.
It’s not open at night!
I was, like “tell me, where got roti canai shop doesn’t open at night one??!”

Well, this one doesn’t.

So, after that fruitless disappointing trip all the way to Pandamaran, I shoved the idea of going there, to the back of my mind… and thought nothing about it… until one day I read J2Kfm’s review about it. That’s when I reminded myself that I needed to go & check this place out! If J2Kfm – an Ipoh blogger – can blog about it, all the more reason that I should go and try their so-called famous roti canai, right? :-)

The name of the shop is Restoran I.V. – I wonder what IV stands for?! But never mind, the important thing is the “Roti Canai Pandamaran” below it… I guess everyone knows it by this name!


We were there just before noon, so I guess the crowds had thinned out by then. But you can see that it’s still pretty full…


Like most mamak shops, you can choose from a variety of curries and spicy dishes…

Roti Canai IV-2

Since I went there with a group of relatives, I can’t recall how many plates of Roti Canais we ordered! Indeed their reputation is justified.

Their roti canais are g.o.o.d.


Light, airy, fluffy, crispy and hardly a trace of oil!

All the criteria for excellent roti canai are met – what more can one ask? Yeah, except for a 2nd or 3rd piece… hehe!

I, of course, also had to test their Thosai. It passed the test too. Not oily, the thosai batter was perfectly made and grilled… and the accompanying coconut chutneys (2 types) were tasty enough – I hate bland chutneys!


Roti Canai IV-1

Being the glutton that I am, I just cannot not have at least an accompanying dish to go with the rotis and thosais, right?

Try their Mutton Masala – it’s scrumptious!


Chunks of mutton cooked in a thick masala gravy – the spices have rendered the meat so flavourful and meltingly tender with none of the strong smell associated with mutton.

Ahhh… I’m keeping the best gem for last…


Yeah… it looked like just any ordinary harmless currypuff, right?

But… but…. it’s really one of the BEST currypuff I’ve ever had! Just look at that thin crispy pastry and the very generous amount of filling! And as you can see, it’s just not any old potato mush filling either. It’s got carrots, green chillies, a bit of dhall, potato of course & small chunks of chicken meat – all cooked in a very yummy masala paste. They were so good we re-ordered plates of it!

Roti Canai IV

And for days after that, LL kept asking when we’re going back there again for the currypuffs 😉

So, on the days that you do not want to eat Bak Kut Teh in Klang/Port Klang, why not go for roti canai and currypuffs here…

Roti Canai Pandamaran (Restoran I.V)
117 Jalan Pandamaran Jaya 62
42000 Pandamaran Jaya
Port Klang
*the map to this place is Google-able!

Restoran I.V.