This morning I bought 45 packets of the above Nasi Lemak Daun Pisang.

Yes, 45 packs – not for myself lah – but for a breakfast meeting in my office. Some of my colleagues can easily polish off 2-3 packets each. Yes, it is that good! Also, because the packs are rather small lah. It’s the regular no-frill basic nasi lemak pack – the best kind (in my books) >>> nasi, sambal, ikan bilis, cucumber& peanuts.

So… where did these little packs of banana leaf heaven come from? They are from this stall, helmed by Kak Nor, along Jalan SS21/34 in Damansara Utama. Just look out for this yellow+red umbrella under a tree, across from the car workshop.

When I first started buying from this stall, I thought that Kak Nor was a rather dour woman – she hardly smiled or even looked pleasant towards her customers. But after a couple more visits, I got to know her better and nowadays when she sees me alighting from my car, she gives me a welcoming smile.

Kak Nor has been selling her nasi lemak for at least 10 years now and she’s a real pro in wrapping the banana leaves – every fold is precise, resulting in tall perfect cone-shaped packs.

She uses good quality ikan bilis (those from Pangkor) which are always freshly fried. I always ask for extra portions of ikan bilis and sambal… at a little bit of extra sen also lah, which I don’t mind paying, because it’s worth it!
Just look at this nasi lemak and tell me it isn’t mouth-watering??!
If you want to buy in bulk, like I did this morning, please call her at the number below, to pre-order.
Ahhh… see, her son is a great advertisement for her nasi lemak, too!
My rating: 8/10