Rainy mornings are bad.
Don’t you hate them?
I do… more so when it’s a working day.
It becomes worse when you get stuck in a horrendous jam on the road caused by an 8-car pile-up.

But that’s really not as bad as…

When you start shivering in your cold office, facing a mountain of papers and…

hankering yearning craving lusting for a bowl of Hot Spicy Noodles

… something like this…

Long strands of smooth silky Ipoh Hor-Fun (they are really “imported” from Ipoh!) in a bowl of fragrant lemak curry soup… with taupok, long beans and cockles!

Eat that with some really good Poached Chicken – meat so smooth & tender that they slide down your throat effortlessly… Really, theirs is one of the best poached chicken I have tasted around here.
If you are a rice-pot (someone who can’t do without rice!) like LL and NL, you can also opt to have their super fragrant chicken rice instead of noodles or hor-fun. According to those 2 eating machines, their rice is very good – I believe them because they ordered extra big bowls of the rice!!!

Their prawn wantans were so-so only, pretty small also… you can skip those.

Located along that row of shops facing the main road in Subang’s SS14, you can’t miss it. Their service crew is clad in their unmistakable lime green t-shirts (same colour as their menu!) – you can spot them a mile off!

They have another outlet in Kota Damansara – that happening food mecca which every other blogger is blogging about now – so maybe if you live around that area, that may be a better option for you.

Now see what I have done?!!! The cravings for something hot, soupy, spicy just got WORSE after posting about this! *going into withdrawal symptons now – pengsan!*

My rating: 7/10