Have you planned any special treat for that one important man in your family?  I’m talking about honouring your father in the upcoming Father’s Day, on 17 June 2012.  Warm his heart with some special set menus of Cantonese cuisine drawn up by Chef Michael Chew in Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant at One World Hotel.  I sampled a few dishes from the different menus recently…

Duck lovers will get a double dose of the fowl in the Dual Platter of Roast Duck and Smoked Duck.  Yes, kill 2 birds with 1 stone!  This was by far, the most popular dish I tried that afternoon.  Succulent slices of sweet tender duck breastmeat were arranged neatly interspersed with slices of poached carrots and chinese mushrooms. The pinkiness of the meat was already a clear indicator that the duck has been roasted and smoked to perfection.  Paired with a light sauce made from the juices of the roasted duck and some mustard greens on the side, this is a delightful ducky dish to eat on its own or with some white rice.

Hong Kong-style Wok-fried Tiger Prawns were executed well.  The prawns were really fresh and wok-frying them on high heat have rendered their shells really crunchy while the prawns inside remained juicy and bouncy.  Shreds of dried shrimps, garlic and chillies, fried to a crisp, were spooned over the prawns and gave the dish a nice little spicy kick.  As explained by Chef Chew, this is the typical Causeway Bay-style favoured by people in Hong Kong.

I liked the Steamed Pan-fried Pomfret.  Although it sounded a bit confusing… as in steamed and pan-fried?  Chef Chew elaborated that the fish was pan-fried lightly just to get that lovely golden hue on the skin and then the fish is steamed. Even though there were 2 cooking processes involved here, the fish was not overcooked and I enjoyed its sweet firm texture.  The tasty King Oyster sauce with garlic slices worked well … deceptively simple yet matched the fish exquisitely.

The Braised Seafood Noodles came in a big claypot and totally smothered with big chunks of fish fillet, squids and prawns, accompanied by sweet peas, mushrooms, carrots and sweetcorns… making this a wholesome meal by itself!  Although the noodles were kinda soggy by the time we dug in (due to the photography session!), the umami flavours of the seafood had totally seeped into the strands of egg noodles.

Every set menu for this Father’s Day celebration includes a dessert.  The Chef decided to serve us a light refreshing dessert: Chilled Sweet Herbal Soup with 8 Treasures.  White fungus, red dates, lotus seeds and dried longans were among the 8 “treasures” boiled in this dessert… meant to soothe and nourish the body.  I like it that the sugar level of this dessert was kept low, so there’s no cloying sweetness lingering on the palate.

Set menus are priced at:

RM428++ per table of 4
RM628++ per table of 6
RM1088++ per table of 10

Fathers will receive a special tea set with compliments from the restaurant for each reservation of the set menu.

The special menus are available for both lunch and dinner; from now until 17 June 2012.

For reservations at Zuan Yuan, please call 603-7681 1159.


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