I am not exactly a dessert person. I mean I do like the occasional selected dessert but I’m not one who insist on desserts for every meal or go gaga over the ice-cream or cakes counters. I do know there are many who would not eat much of a main meal, aiming to save their tummies or calorie-quota for desserts.

Anyway, like I said… I do go for the occasional selected dessert and just the other night I discovered this delicious Coconut Cake from Delicious. Delicious Café, I mean… and more explicitly, the Delicious @ Dua Residency, Kuala Lumpur.

coconut cake

The cake is served cut in one big square piece, covered in a swirl of cream and coconut shavings. The shavings come in long thin strips and as you cut into the layers of moist soft sponge cake, there are more shavings embedded inside. These are not ordinary coconuts, I was told… they use Hawaiian coconuts for better taste and texture…. which I found to be valid. The coconut swirls have just the right bite, neither too “old” nor too “young”. Coconut flesh which is “too old” would be too hard and unpalatable whereas flesh which is “too young” would render them too soft and mushy. Soft moist cake (which is not too sweet!) with fresh coconut shavings – they make a perfect combination. This cake was so good that I had to pack a piece to take home for more indulgence later! Priced at RM11.90 a piece, this cake is a winner in my books.

coconut cake1

I also tried the Peach and Banana Crumble (RM11.90) which is served with vanilla icecream. This came nowhere near the Coconut Cake but it would delight peach and banana lovers, I guess.

banana crumble

There’s now a special HSBC promotion going on for the desserts at Delicious Café where HSBC premier card-holders can get a free dessert-of-the-day for every dessert they order. So, since we ordered 3 desserts, we got 3 more of their desserts-of-the-day FOC, which was their Flourless Orange Cake and a Peach Frangipane– both served with a scoop of vanilla icecream. I find the orange cake has a bitter tinge to it, possibly from the over-usage of orange zest?


flourless orange cake

The dessert portions are very generous, so be prepared to share… if you are not a dessert fan. Well, despite not being a dessert fan myself, I aint gonna share my Coconut Cake, for sure!

For more information on the Delicious Group, check out their website here

Delicious Cafe
Lot 1.1 Ground Floor, Dua Annexe
211 Jalan Tun Razak
50450 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: 03-2166-2066
Open: Monday-Friday: 11.00am-12 midnight
Sat/Sun/PH: 8.00am-12 midnight (breakfast menu available)