The Lunar New Year has always been a time of feasting and more feasting.  The usual meals will be mainly Chinese-style, served course by course and if you have read the past several reviews here, you would know that we’ve been eating a lot of such meals.  Chinese restaurants are promoting their special prosperity menus since the beginning of the year!  I think before the end of the 15-day Chinese New Year celebration, many would have gotten tired of all those.  So, if you wish to try something else which is more “free and easy”, how about having a buffet meal?  Not any standard buffet but one which is laced with specially thought-out festive dishes to herald the Year of the Water Snake.

Latest Recipe at Le Méridien Kuala Lumpur has come up with some special festive Lunar New Year menus.  The culinary team there has included a variety of Chinese New Year dishes to be included in their sumptuous spread.  So, the traditionalists will still get to enjoy festive dishes in addition to the regular counters at the buffet.  From what I’ve heard, the buffet spread at Latest Recipe is pretty popular, especially their Japanese sushi and teppanyaki counters, their Indian specialities, their Hot Wok station and noodles counter … all these usually spot long queues.

salmon yee sang

Salmon Yee Sang

Starting from the Reunion Dinner on 9 February, Latest Recipe is offering a Lunar New Year’s Eve Prosperity Buffet Dinner, priced at only RM138++ per person and at just RM69++ per child or senior citizen. From 4 – 8 February 2013 and 10 – 24 February 2013, Latest Recipe will have a Lunar New Year Prosperity Buffet Dinner spread, priced at only RM108++ per person and at RM54++ per child or senior citizen. A surcharge of RM10++ is applicable for buffet dinners served from Friday to Sunday.

For every 10 paying guests, a plate of “Prosperous Salmon Yee Sang” will be provided, so be sure to gather a group of 10 to dine there.


Braised Fish Lips Soup

Some of the special festive dishes that will be included in the buffet line are Braised Fish Lips Soup which is laden with fresh crab meat and dried scallops.  A dash of vinegar did well to enhance the thick rich broth.


Steamed Sun-dried Oysters with Sea Moss & Brocolli

Steamed Sun-dried Oysters with Sea Moss and Broccoli would please the older folks in your dining group as it signifies “all good tidings throughout the year”!  The oysters were huge and fat, bursting with briny flavours and well balanced by the florets of broccoli surrounding them.

smoked duck

Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck

Be sure to grab some of the Jasmine Tea Smoked Duck when you see that on the buffet because those pink slices of tender breast meat are to die for.  The saltish smoky nuances with very light hints of sweet jasmine have infused the meat evenly, rendering them absolutely delicious with every bite. I’m pretty sure this will be hit at the buffet, so do keep a lookout for this.


Wok-fried Fresh Prawns with Sweet Chilli Sauce

We liked the Wok-fried Fresh Prawns with Sweet Chilli Sauce as the slightly spicy sauce clinging to the shells was so good we actually licked away every speck of it.  The prawns were sweet and springy and I hope this quality will be maintained.


Wok-fried Black Mussels with Black Bean Sauce

Wok-fried Black Mussels with Black Bean Sauce is another dish concocted by Chef James, something not usually seen in Chinese restaurants.  Lovers of clam fish will love the juicy mussels and lap up the sauce too.


Steamed Chicken Guava Dumplings with Oyster Sauce & Ebiko

Steamed Chicken Guava Dumplings are kinda like Siew Mai tied “money bag” style topped with Ebiko.  The name sounded intriguing but I could not detect any guava in the dumplings.  Good for dim sum fans and the moneybag shape fits right into the Chinese New Year mood.


 Scrumptious Waffle

For desserts, there is a wide variety at the buffet… from continental cakes to malay kuihs and don’t skip that gorgeous chocolate fountain!  One other item which should not be missed is their Waffle – get into line and get one or more, top it with your favourite ice cream and take your pick of toppings… believe me, it’s one of the best waffles around.

deco Collage

Latest Recipe is open daily from 6.00am to 12 midnight. Breakfast buffet is served daily from 6.00 am to 10.30am on weekdays and up to 11.00am on weekends. Buffet lunch is served from 12.00pm to 2.30pm (except on Saturdays). Buffet dinner is served daily from 6.30pm to 10.30pm.

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