I haven’t been back to Uncle Chilli’s since early last year after it was revamped with a cool sleek deco. Just last week I was invited to check out their Christmas Eve Set Dinner so I happily headed there and arrived a wee bit early due to the unpredictably-clear traffic! Once we were shown our table, I was wowed by the pretty table set-up … and when I took out my camera and switched it on… a message appeared on the screen – a much-dreaded one … “no memory card”!!! Bummer. Again, I had forgotten to put back the memory card into my camera after downloading photos on my laptop the night before! You could almost hear my silent scream of frustration! A few minutes later my dinner companions arrived and was I glad when I saw MY aka Iamthewitch! Witch has graciously “lent” me her photos … so all photos featured in this post are courtesy from Iamthewitch.com (many thanks, MY!)

UC collage

The exquisite Christmas Eve Set Dinner at Uncle Chilli’s is priced at RM120++ per person and it comes with a glass of complimentary champagne!

The Gosset Grande Reserve is light and easy on the palate – I can certainly drink more than 1 glass!

Well, if bubblies aint your scene, you can opt for the berrylicious mocktail…

drinks collage

The chef behind this specially-tailored dinner is none other than Chef Denis Vecchiato who hails from Venice, Italy. The good chef personally came out to introduce and explain each dish as it was served. Dinner started with an Amuse Bouche of Goose Liver Terrine with Port Wine Reduction

Uncle Chilis amuse bouche
It may look like a simple dish but Chef Vecchiato explained that the terrine making was a long and tedious process, taking almost 48 hours to come up with the perfect texture!

Then on to the Appetizer – Ravioli filled with Alaska Crab in Lobster Bisque… a clear favourite that evening. I love the smooth springy pasta with its tasty Alaska Crab filling and that lobster bisque was lip-smacking good. It was so good that I unashamedly dipped my dinner roll into it and wiped the soup plate clean!


A few spoonfuls of the Porcini Mushroom and Truffle Soup with Melted Camembert may not be enough if you are a mushroom fan…

The alps-grown porcini mushrooms were aromatic, enhanced by the truffle and given a boost in creaminess with the melted Camembert. The mushroom and cheese flavours balanced each other well, resulting in a soup that’s not overwhelming.

The main course of Turkey Roulade with Brussel Sprouts, Baby Carrots & Rosemary Potatoes was a very generous portion. Eat this with lots of gravy – extra gravy was offered and we all asked for seconds of this. The thick slabs of roulade will fill you up nicely, I assure you. I love the brussels sprouts which were not overcooked… they remained crunchy to the bite, just the way I love my vegetables! The Rosemary potatoes had a lovely naturally-sweet taste in them.

turkey roulade

Dessert was impressively plated… Chocolate Bomb with Wild Berries. Now if this was meant to leave us with a lasting impression, it certainly succeeded, because everyone was delighted with the stenciled “Santa & his reindeers” galloping across our dessert plates!


It’s a lovely rich chocolate gateau in the centre of the “bomb” and I love every last bit of the smooth velvety not-overly-sweet texture. And, ohh.. that sugar snowflake was just perfectly cut!


Coffee or tea with praline is served at the end of the dinner, too.

At RM120++ per person inclusive of a glass of champagne, I would say this set is pretty good value for money as the portions were generous. Do go there early to enjoy your dinner, because from 9.00pm onwards, the live band comes on and by then it would be quite difficult to have a conversation with your dinner companion/s! That’s the time you can adjourn to the bar outside, join the party and groove to the band! Seating in the restaurant area is quite limited, so if you wish to dine here on Christmas Eve, do call now to book!

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