A few months ago I blogged about the Curry Laksa in USJ14 in this kopitiam called Mei Sek. This is a corner coffeeshop in the row of shops near the fruit stalls in USJ14. I was told that in the evening, that same kopitiam has a Chicken Rice stall which is very good.

So that was how one evening some weeks ago we decided to give the Chicken a try, haha! They start at about 6pm and their serving crew is unmistakable – they have yellow & red uniform – very professional-looking with caps and all!

I must say their poached chicken – and they only have poached ones – was pretty good: smooth & tender. Dunk them into some pounded ginger and chilli sauce, this will surely satiate your chicken pangs.

You can have a choice of kampung chicken or town/pasar chicken, the former being more flavourful and of course, more expensive.

You can opt to have their oily rice or kwayteow to go with the poached chicken. Being the true blue Ipohite that I am, I of course opted for the Soup Kwayteow or Hor-fun as we like to call it. It came with a few strands of kuchai and limp taugeh. I would say the kwayteow in Kar Heong was better…. nevertheless it provided the necessary carbs for this meal.

For variety, you can order their Fookchow Fishballs – smooth fishpaste encasing some minced pork, served in seaweed soup… good source of iodine, no?

And if you need some fibre, you have a few choices of greenies – I had my fave baby lettuce, slathered in oyster sauce and with generous toppings of fried shallots.

And that is what I call a simple but satisfying true Malaysian meal of the chicken kind :-))

My rating: 6/10