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Up close & personal with Gordon Ramsay at the Hawker Heroes Challenge in Singapore!

I was actually straining my ears out, hoping to catch an expletive or two from Gordon Ramsay when I attended the SingTel Hawker Heroes Challenge in Singapore last weekend.  But, heck – no such luck. Michelin-starred celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay is actually pretty charming in real life, when addressing the public.  Maybe that’s what his [...]

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No Signboard Seafood

Where is your favourite Chilli Crabs place in Singapore? There has been so much hoo-ha recently over CNN’s Top 50 Most Delicious Food in the World and this so-called almost-national Singaporean dish ranked 35th in that list. The East Coast Seafood Centre houses numerous restaurants along the stretch facing the sea.  Restaurants with names like [...]

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328 Katong Laksa

We made a short trip down south to Singapore a couple of weekends ago. It was almost a “Touch & Go” trip… we were there to watch the Lion King musical (which was totally so enjoyable!) and the rest of the time was just to eat and shop. As we were staying with my good [...]

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