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Perth: Food Wrap-up

OK, let’s resume my report on the food scene in Perth. Browsing through my photos folder & looking at the remaining pics, I will wrap up the food stories in this post. On the last Sunday we were there, we decided to make a trip to Mandurah, a pretty port town along the southern coast [...]

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The Perth Experience – Part 2

Seafood!Perth has a coastline, so fresh seafood is readily available, especially at those places located by the sea. Firstly, we went up north to Hilary Harbour & Sorento Quay. This is really a very picturesque place – all the scenes and sights there are very postcard-like! In Hilary Harbour, the main attraction is the Aquarium [...]

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The Perth Experience – Part 1

Hi, I’m back! Been back for more than a week actually… still trying to recover from the bliss of a vacation and trying to get back into working reality here, hehe! I’ll just blog about the FOOD aspect of Perth here. All other non-food related things will be posted in my other blog – Raynebows, [...]

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