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Mooncakes Galore & Special Mid Autumn Festival Dishes @ TAI THONG

Months and months before this, Master Chef Yiu Wing Keung together with his culinary team sat down with their creative chef hats to brainstorm and create the new flavours of mooncakes for the year. Every year Tai Thong Restaurants pride themselves with several new flavours to entice their customers. While maintaining the evergreen traditional ones, the new flavours for the year are always anticipated with great interest. This year Tai Thong Restaurants are introducing 4 new flavours which … [Read more...]


Mid Autumn Mooncake Delicacies @ EASTIN HOTEL Petaling Jaya

“Healthy” is the buzz word for mooncakes offered in Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya. Yes, healthier new fillings are in store. I was intrigued by their culinary team’s creativity in coming up with fillings such as Red Dates, 6 Coarse Grains, Green Tea, Sweet Potatoes and Ginger Tea. The other piece of good news is that, to avoid over-indulgence, these new creations are made in “mini” sizes at RM13 each (except the Musang King durian paste filling which is at RM19). In case you are wondering – … [Read more...]


Halal-certified “Jewels of Mid Autumn” @ DORSETT GRAND SUBANG

Without fail, every year I see restaurants and hotels try to out-do each other when it comes to Mooncakes for the Mid Autumn celebration. Some creations can be deliciously innovative while some are outlandish, to say the least. Then there are also the purist establishments which stick to tradition and produce only what’s been enjoyed repeatedly over the years. After all, what’s good for our parents and grandparents should still be good now after so many years. The Dorsett Grand Subang is … [Read more...]


Mid Autumn Treasures from Toh Yuen @ Hilton Petaling Jaya

Besides the Lunar New Year, another major festival when the Chinese celebrate a reunion of sorts is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Although very much now a commercial affair (which festival here is not?), the Mid-Autumn Festival remains a celebration steeped in tradition for many. As a kid growing up in Ipoh all those years ago, I remember I’ve always looked forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival, aka Mooncake Festival as that’s one occasion when we would have so much food placed on an outdoor table, as … [Read more...]


Mooncake Medley in The Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur

Light up your Mid-Autumn Festival with the mooncake boxes-turned-lanterns when you get your mooncakes from The Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur. When you purchase 4 mooncakes from The Concorde Hotel Kuala Lumpur, they will be packed in a tall rectangular lacquer box.  The hand-crafted lacquer boxes come in 5 colours and one in plain wooden colour.  A bulb and cable are provided – you simply have to attach the bulb, connect the cable to a power point, turn it on and hey viola - you get … [Read more...]


Mooncakes Resonance at Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel

For the Mid-Autumn Festival this year, the chefs in Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel have come up with 18 scrumptious mooncakes.  Out of these 18, 10 of them are of the oven-baked variety.  Most of the baked mooncakes are of the good old traditional flavours like White Lotus Paste, Supreme Mixed Nuts, Red Bean Paste and Pandan Lotus Paste with or without egg yolks.  One of the more popular ones is the White Lotus with Black Sesame Paste and Yolk. There is only one newbie this … [Read more...]


Signature Mooncakes & Contemporary Flavours for Mid-Autumn Festival Celebration in Hilton Kuala Lumpur

When you have some “sure winners” in your stable, it’s always wise to keep them as they are proven classics.  Executive Chef Lam Hock Hin and his team understand this concept very well and that’s why every year, during the Mid-Autumn Festival, Hilton Kuala Lumpur’s favourite mooncakes make their appearance.  Fans of their gorgeous Heavenly Gold, Flower Drum and Blue Moon wait for the 8th month of the lunar calendar so that they can savour these delicacies. However this year, a new beauty … [Read more...]


Special Mooncakes from the Oriental Group of Restaurants

Now tell me, do you know of any restaurant that produces only 2 types of mooncakes? Quite rare, right? Well, the Oriental Group of restaurants do that. Yes, ONLY 2 flavours and both are snowskin mooncakes. And frankly speaking, the Oriental Group’s restaurants don’t do much promotion or marketing of their mooncakes. They sell out every year. The only place their mooncakes are mentioned is on their website. And of course, now on my site, haha! I have eaten their mooncakes last year - the … [Read more...]


Mooncakes from Toh Yuen @ Klang Executive Club

I have dined at Toh Yuen Chinese Restaurant quite a long time ago. I remember it as a spacious restaurant located in the Klang Executive Club in Bandar Baru Klang, Bukit Rajah. They are pretty well known for their Chinese banquets as it can accommodate 500 guests at any one time. There are also 6 private VIP rooms equipped with computerised karaoke system. When they sent me a box of their mooncakes for review, their long rectangular red, yellow and black box reminded me of the restaurant’s … [Read more...]


Ti Chen @ The Saujana Hotel unveils its Mooncakes

For the very first time, Ti Chen is offering its own-made mooncakes for the Mid Autumn Festival, which is on 8 September 2014.  From the kitchen of Chef Yaw Kim Yew comes delicately crafted mini snow skin mooncakes as well as freshly baked traditional mooncakes. Azuki Milk There are stories and legends behind the making and eating of mooncakes during the celebration of the Mid Autumn Festival.  The most popular of these is the hiding of secret messages inside the round mooncakes in China’s … [Read more...]