Halal-certified “Jewels of Mid Autumn” @ DORSETT GRAND SUBANG

Without fail, every year I see restaurants and hotels try to out-do each other when it comes to Mooncakes for the Mid Autumn celebration. Some creations can be deliciously innovative while some are outlandish, to say the least. Then there are also the purist establishments which stick to tradition and produce only what’s been enjoyed repeatedly over the years. After all, what’s good for our parents and grandparents should still be good now after so many years. The Dorsett Grand Subang is … [Read more...]


What’s New and Nice in Tai Thong Restaurants?

Tai Thong is the largest chain of Chinese restaurants in Malaysia and it’s almost a household name when Chinese dining is mentioned. Whether it’s for dim sum or a wedding banquet, Tai Thong pops up as a popular venue. They’ve been around for ages – since 1971, to be exact (many of you were not even born then!) so yes, it’s an established brand alright. Their chefs have won many awards in local and international culinary competitions so credential-wise, they are pretty solid. Personally, I’ve … [Read more...]


DOLLY DIM SUM @ Avenue K, Kuala Lumpur

There are not many stand-alone pork-free dim sum restaurants in the city.  Many perceive that dim sum without pork are “not that nice” as pork is deemed to be a major taste contributor for dim sum.  However, there are several pork-free Chinese restaurants in town that serve decent dim sum and I’m so glad that there’s another restaurant being added to that list: Dolly Dim Sum. Located in Avenue K, as the name suggests, Dolly Dim Sum is not your typical Chinese restaurant.  Dolly Dim … [Read more...]