LIM FRIED CHICKEN @ Hicom Glenmarie, Shah Alam

I first blogged about this well-known Fried Chicken way back in 2008 (read that here). Mr Lim started his business as a stall in Wong Soon Kee Kopitiam in SS14 Subang Jaya and the queues for his fried chicken snaked all the way along the five-foot-way outside. I have been a fan all these years, taking my place in the queue, either to eat in the kopitiam or to “tapau” as takeaway. The delicious aroma of the fried chicken coming from the huge wok where Mr Lim stood tirelessly tending to, … [Read more...]


Handmade Mooncakes at TAO Chinese Cuisine, The InterContinental Kuala Lumpur

TAO Chinese Cuisine at The Intercontinental Kuala Lumpur is showcasing some really lovely handmade mooncakes this year. I had a taste of them recently and was wow’ed by the pretty colours, particularly their mini snowskin range. Carefully crafted by Dim Sum Chef Lo Tion Sion, the snowskin beauties feature flavours like the Mini Tiramisu Paste with assorted honey nuts, Mini Chestnut Paste with diced hawthorn and pineapple paste, Mini Peanut Butter with Japanese purple potato paste, … [Read more...]


Jewels in the Lotus at Zuan Yuan, One World Hotel

This year the Mid Autumn Festival falls on 27 September which is in sync with the 15th day of the 8th month in the Chinese calendar. With less than a month away, restaurants and hotels have been promoting their mooncakes, some as early as two months ago! The familiar sight of mooncakes in restaurants is now a common thing to entice customers to buy or place orders for their favourite flavours. In Zuan Yuan Chinese Restaurant, Chef Jordan Chin has been busy in his kitchen producing the … [Read more...]


Private dining @ HUNGRY MARIO

Driven by passion and a great love for food, Sim Hon Sing decided to quit the corporate world and succumbed to his dream of living a culinary lifestyle fulltime. Together with his lovely wife, Magarita, both of them have opened up their gorgeous house to welcome guests who wish to experience private dining on a personal level. A self-taught chef, Hon Sing was introduced to the world of cooking by none other than his mother. As a kid, he used to love watching and helping his mother cook up … [Read more...]

FP-Tai Thong 2015 Mooncake Photo_02

Mooncakes Galore & Special Mid Autumn Festival Dishes @ TAI THONG

Months and months before this, Master Chef Yiu Wing Keung together with his culinary team sat down with their creative chef hats to brainstorm and create the new flavours of mooncakes for the year. Every year Tai Thong Restaurants pride themselves with several new flavours to entice their customers. While maintaining the evergreen traditional ones, the new flavours for the year are always anticipated with great interest. This year Tai Thong Restaurants are introducing 4 new flavours which … [Read more...]


Mid Autumn Mooncake Delicacies @ EASTIN HOTEL Petaling Jaya

“Healthy” is the buzz word for mooncakes offered in Eastin Hotel Petaling Jaya. Yes, healthier new fillings are in store. I was intrigued by their culinary team’s creativity in coming up with fillings such as Red Dates, 6 Coarse Grains, Green Tea, Sweet Potatoes and Ginger Tea. The other piece of good news is that, to avoid over-indulgence, these new creations are made in “mini” sizes at RM13 each (except the Musang King durian paste filling which is at RM19). In case you are wondering – … [Read more...]


Halal-certified “Jewels of Mid Autumn” @ DORSETT GRAND SUBANG

Without fail, every year I see restaurants and hotels try to out-do each other when it comes to Mooncakes for the Mid Autumn celebration. Some creations can be deliciously innovative while some are outlandish, to say the least. Then there are also the purist establishments which stick to tradition and produce only what’s been enjoyed repeatedly over the years. After all, what’s good for our parents and grandparents should still be good now after so many years. The Dorsett Grand Subang is … [Read more...]


Smooth Silky Pan Mee @ Fa Kee, Taman Kinrara Kuala Lumpur

I’m picky about pan mee. I’m not particularly fond of those thin strands tossed with chilli flakes which is quite the craze with the crowds these days. Neither am I impressed by those green (with spinach added) or red hued (carrots influenced) noodles churned out from the machine. I like my pan mee done the good old fashioned way, which is hand-made and hand pulled. Those flat pieces of “chinese pasta” must then be cooked in a broth, simmered with anchovies and pork bones for hours to … [Read more...]


What’s New and Nice in Tai Thong Restaurants?

Tai Thong is the largest chain of Chinese restaurants in Malaysia and it’s almost a household name when Chinese dining is mentioned. Whether it’s for dim sum or a wedding banquet, Tai Thong pops up as a popular venue. They’ve been around for ages – since 1971, to be exact (many of you were not even born then!) so yes, it’s an established brand alright. Their chefs have won many awards in local and international culinary competitions so credential-wise, they are pretty solid. Personally, I’ve … [Read more...]


Mid Autumn Treasures from Toh Yuen @ Hilton Petaling Jaya

Besides the Lunar New Year, another major festival when the Chinese celebrate a reunion of sorts is the Mid-Autumn Festival. Although very much now a commercial affair (which festival here is not?), the Mid-Autumn Festival remains a celebration steeped in tradition for many. As a kid growing up in Ipoh all those years ago, I remember I’ve always looked forward to the Mid-Autumn Festival, aka Mooncake Festival as that’s one occasion when we would have so much food placed on an outdoor table, as … [Read more...]