Awesome Porkball Noodles @ Kota Kemuning


  1. Salivating oledi by just looking at those sausages. I miss those version of pork noodle, dun think they have it here. Miss miss miss!!!

  2. I can understand that part on the neighbourhood, homely aura when eating in places like this.
    A period of hiatus from dining in, and they will notice almost instantaneously.

  3. gosh, i don't think i've ever been to kota kemuning (the only place in shah alam i know how to get to is the mahkamah! heheh)
    but yeah, this looks like comfort food that's worth returning to, again and again. hopefully it'll be around for many years to come 😀

  4. wow, the dry version noodles look all good…not to mention the sausages, i wish I could try them one day when i visit my cousin there in shah alam

  5. Sean: Yes, I hope so too! You should try venturing out from all those fine-dining places you always go to! 😉

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