We’re having a Mid-Year Review Meeting in the office and as there’s quite a big no. of people involved, I decided to get the caterer in, to kauthim the tea breaks and lunch.

Here’s sharing with you the menu for the day…

Assorted Yong Taufu…don’t they look colourful and bright?

Sweet Sour Fish – looks very appetizing, with the pineapples!
Sour Plum Chicken with Mango Salsa… another colourful dish! I want the mangoes!
A healthy item – Japanese Beancurd with Vegetarian Puffs
Stuffed Mushrooms with Brocolli…this looks very green & healthy too!
All the above to go with Chinese Fried Rice
An attractive Fruit Platter, as dessert…
…and of course, the Washington cherries courtesy of our generous vendor!

Let’s tuck in, hehe!

Oh…by the way, this is a different caterer from the other office party post…I’m not sure if they are as good as I have not tasted this one yet. Will update after I have done so, haha!

OK…here’s my verdict for this caterer: The food is mediocre…but the plus point is that the food is not oily and can be considered “healthy”!

I managed to take some pics of the afternoon tea break items… here they are:

Chocolate Sin…looks like nutty brownies…

Steamed Chicken Pau
Chinese Yam Cake…they look more like carrot or sugee cake to me!